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Anne-Pierre Malval created her first vase in 2003, the Birdie. With four holes, 40cm high and 7cm in diameter, this vase is sealed with a transparent epoxy resin. The water makes the weight for this vase easy to bloom. The Mandarin (H14, D10 cm) and Payote (H9, D 8cm) candle holders are based on the design of the Birdies vases. They are waterproof and can be transformed into a vase to hold a cut flower on a table. All Mandarin models are available in Payote

The Musa vases and photophores are based on the design of the column lights and table lamps with raffia tubes and Nepalese paper corollas. The vases, D11 and H 30 cm, are designed to accommodate floral arrangements more dense than the birdies

Vase Birdie

Vases birdie Sable, Atelier Anne-Pierre Malval

Photophore Mandarin

Photophore en minéraux sur papier polyphane de l'atelier Anne-Pierre Malval

Photophores musa

Photophores extérieurs Musa, raphia et papiers népalais

Vases Musa

Vases extérieur Musa, Raphia et papier népalais, résine