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Hall des bureaux the Curve à Puteaux, suspensions nuages XXXL, agence Palissade

Transparency, lightness and materials are the key words that guide Anne-Pierre MALVAL in the creation of her lighting.  Constantly looking for new ways to express herself, the Parisian designer conceives and manufactures original lighting fixtures, as beautiful off as on.

The requirement and the concern of the finishes brought to Anne-Pierre Malval the confidence of numerous prescribers and private individuals. A loyal network of boutiques and concept stores in France and abroad has accompanied the workshop since 2003, sharing with the designer the values of sustainability and the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Anne-Pierre Malval offers the possibility of declining her prototypes to architects and interior decorators who are more and more numerous, thus being able to propose to their customers a custom-made realization of their lighting.

Today, Anne-Pierre Malval’s workshop combines the latest LED technologies with the expertise of resins and varnishes to develop a collection of original and illuminating outdoor lighting.

All public prices listed are for 2021 and are to be increased by 10%.

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